Thrice legen „The Artist In The Ambulance“ neu auf

Thrice Horizons / East
Foto: Matt Vogel

Anlässlich ihres 25. Bandjubiläums haben Thrice eine neue Version von „The Artist In The Ambulance“ aufgenommen. Das Album kam ursprünglich 2003 auf den Markt. Fans dürfen sich über Features von Künstlern wie Ryan Osterman (Holy Fawn), Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Sam Carter (Architects), Mike Minnick (Curl Up And Die), Brian McTernan (Be Well) und Andy Hull freuen.

The question has to be asked: Why would we re-record a 20 year old album, let alone one that is widely beloved and arguably our most well-known. I think the core of the answer is that it simply sounded fun and we were curious,” shares Kensrue. “We know that playing the revisionist is a dangerous game, so we were always a little uneasy about trying to go back and mess with something that people loved, people who had none of the hangups about the record that we did. But, since we decided to do this anyway, we tried to let that wariness guide us in how we approached the record, and in the end we decided to make very minimal structural changes. […] At the end of the day, what we wanted the record to sound like for fans is that somehow one of their old favorite records got a new lease on life, but that it hadn’t lost it’s soul or turned into something else. We hope you enjoy revisiting The Artist In The Ambulance.Dustin Kensrue

Das letzte Album „Horizons/East“ (Albumreview) kam im September 2021 auf den Markt.

Stream: Thrice – Under A Killing Moon (feat. Sam Carter)

Tracklist: Thrice – The Artist In The Ambulance

01. Cold Cash And Cold Hearts
02. Under A Killing Moon (feat. Sam Carter)
03. All That’s Left
04. Silhouette
05. Stare At The Sun (feat. Andy Hull)
06. Paper Tigers (feat. Ryan Osterman)
07. Hoods On Peregrine (feat. Brian McTernan)
08. The Melting Point Of Wax
09. Blood Clots And Black Holes (feat. Chuck Ragan)
10. The Artist In The Ambulance
11. The Abolition Of Man (feat. Mike Minnick)
12. Don’t Tell And We Won’t AsK

Thrice – Horizons/East