Trophy Eyes teilen ihre neue Single „Bittersweet“

Trophy Eyes
Foto: Trophy Eyes/Facebook

Die australischen Pop Punker Trophy Eyes haben mit „Bittersweet“ einen brandneuen Song veröffentlicht.

There are no rules in love. I know this now but for my teenage self, that was too much to comprehend. Bittersweet is a song about feeling someone slowly slip away, and the cathartic, long winded conversations said in total silence- sometimes with just a single expression. It was my first experience of inadequacy and total loss of control. I was not enough and I drove the person that I loved into someone’s more capable arms. I’m not sure that I was even in love, but I was certainly desperate to hold on to the one thing still linking me to my childhood. My first taste of adult life was a bitter introduction to how familiar I would come to be with loneliness.John Floreani

Ihr letztes Album „The American Dream“ haben Trophy Eyes 2018 auf den Markt gebracht. Das Album hat es bis auf Platz 8 der offiziellen australischen Albumcharts geschafft.

Trophy Eyes – Bittersweet