Yungblud covert „Life On Mars“ von David Bowie

Yungblud 2020
Foto: Haris Nukem

Mit seinem Album „weird!“ konnte Yungblud im Dezember 2020 Fans und Kritiker gleichermaßen begeistern. Jetzt durfte er im Rahmen des David Bowie Memorial Konzerts den Song „Life On Mars“ mit original Bandmitgliedern Bowies performen.

Der Rapper zeigt sich ergriffen:

it’s rare in this life that you meet someone who shaped your whole existence. i felt like i met him last night. i felt like i was on a different planet. he was there and i was with him. it was truly the greatest moment of my fookin life getting to sing “life on mars” with rock n roll legends and past members of bowie’s band at a concert in his memory. thankyou for everything starman.

Video: Yungblud – Life On Mars (David Bowie Cover)

Yungblud stellt neue Single „mars“ vor

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