Asking Alexandria kündigen neues Album an

Nachdem die britische Metalcore-Band Asking Alexandria vor kurzem einen neuen Song namens “Into The Fire” samt Video veröffentlicht hat, folgt mit “Where Did It Go?” nicht nur ein weiterer neuer Track, sondern auch die Ankündigung des neuen, selbstbetitelten Albums. Dies wird am 15. Dezember auf den Markt kommen.

Die Band auf Facebook:

“From 2009-2013 Asking Alexandria was an unstoppable, runaway train. During that time, we lost our way and it was uncertain if we should even carry on. It was YOUR unwavering love and support that gave us the courage and the strength to continue working towards our dreams. Fast forward to now, and we can say that we’ve created the most exciting album of our careers – an album we are most proud of. Thank you for keeping Asking Alexandria alive. Thank you for continuing to support us when things got hard. This album is for you. Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally found what we lost many years ago, and I promise you will hear it shining through whole heartedly in this album. Our self titled, fifth studio album. This is Asking Alexandria.”

Stream: Asking Alexandria – Where Did It Go?

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