Beartooth im Interview

Foto: Pressefreigabe/Hannover Concerts

Why are you playing only one club show in Germany besides your shows at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park?

There’s not much room for other shows going on, considering there’s such a massive festival going on haha. That’s all we could get.

Is there a reason why you are playing in Hannover? I remember being at your show with August Burns Red and Silverstein here at Capitol in Hannover, too.

The promoter we like to work with in Germany offered us a show there, so we took it. Simple as that!

The deluxe edition of your latest album „Aggressive“ also includes some behind the scenes stories, interviews and live videos from your show in Ohio, which was a pretty big thing for you. What comes into your mind thinking about this show? Watching the videos you already released I guess there was a lot of goosebumps included?

It was pretty amazing, honestly. To be able to play in that venue is such an honor for us, we grew up watching so many of our heroes playing there. We watched the full show probably 10 to 15 times now throughout the editing process, and it feels just as cool each time. Very proud of that.

You´re playing Vans Warped Tour this year. What do you expect and is it something like a childhood dream coming true? Even here in Germany it feels like a pretty big thing when a band is playing Warped Tour.

We’ve played Warped Tour a few times now, and we’re glad they’d love to have us back. It’s one of our favorite tours, and in my opinion, one of the best tours there is.

How do you prepare for such long tours? What does your life on tour look like?

We just grip it, and rip it hahaha. There’s not much planning, we prefer the „fly by the seat of your pants“ method.

What´s your favourite song to play live and why?

It varies by tour. Right now it’s either „The Lines“, „Always Dead“ or „Body Bag“.

You will be on tour a lot the next couple of months. Are you also working on new stuff or do you focus on the upcoming shows?

We’re just focused on shows for right now, and then we’ll take some time off to make another record. Looking forward to rocking for the next few months.


Live-Video: Beartooth – In Between