Tony Palermo von Papa Roach im Interview

If you look back to the writing process of your new album „Crooked Teeth“ and the time you were at the studio recording it: How would you describe it and do you remember some especially significant moments from these times?
We began writing at our studio in Sacramento, California back in 2016. We usually have a few different ways of writing. Everyone will bring demos in and we also like to jam organically, plus we’re starting to collaborate a bit more. When it came time to record we brought in two producers this time. Nick Furlong and Colin Brittain were chosen after an initial writing session which produced the song My Medication. We loved their immediate enthusiasm and creativeness. I will always remember the way ideas were just flowing and if something wasn’t working it didn’t sit around for very long. We were all very straight to the point when writing, nothing was forced into working if it didn’t.

„It’s always been our mission to push our own boundaries“


It seems like that nowadays bands don´t want to be categorized in specific genre. You are also a band that likes to experiment with different styles. What were your claims you had on this album?
We once again wanted to broaden our musical landscape with this new record. Jacoby rapping more was something we thought we could add more of since the last few recordings had more of a rock vocal styling. It’s always been our mission to push our own boundaries as well as our listeners. We think Crooked Teeth is a result of us wanting to not be confined to one genre. We feel we have so many influences and ways to express those that writing monotonous material would be a disservice to ourselves as well as our fans.

Which feeling do you want your fans to have while listening to your new songs?
The feelings I would think people will take away from listening to the new record would be ones of hope, non isolation, and overall inspiration to be the best possible human being they can. Our lyrics are about the ups and downs of real life and we feel it’s our duty to let people know they are not alone.

„I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason“


Do you think it‘s necessary for bands nowadays to stand up when it comes to specific topics and to use their voice to draw attention to potential abuses?
I believe bands should use their voices in regards to their beliefs but not to get involved with things they don’t know. It’s difficult to take a band seriously if the lyrics say one thing and the band is hypocritical. I think that goes for politicians as well as religious figures. Stick to what you know. Rage Against The Machine is a perfect example of displaying the knowledge of messed up situations and turning those into words we can all understand. Listening to a bands‘ message and wanting to go research what they’re singing about is a powerful concept.

Looking back at your career: Is there anything you would change?

I always think I wouldn’t change anything about my career because of where I am now. And I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason but that you also have to put in an incredible amount of work to become successful with anything.


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