Neues The Joy Formidable Album kommt im September

The Joy Formidable
Foto: Timothy Hoatt

Das Trio The Joy Formidable hat für den 28. September ihr neues Album „AAARTH“ angekündigt. Nachdem im Mai mit dem Song „Dance Of The Lotus“ bereits ein erster Einblick in das vierte Studioalbum gegeben wurde, folgt nun mit „The Wrong Side“ ein weiterer Vorgeschmack.

Sänger und Gitarrist Ritzy Bryan erklärt:

“With life not always being that kind, you can either go down a really dark hole or you can smear yourself with colour and reverie and try to forget. That’s what we did with AAARTH; we threw ourselves into this beautiful vivacious collage of experimentation, real meets unreal, and stopped giving a fuck about things that didn’t matter, and started caring more about the things that are worth your time. We’ve definitely made a colourful, mystical collage with this record, partly because of our surroundings. Those multi-coloured sunsets & the primeval elements of nature in the Southwest – it’s emboldened our imaginations in the songwriting and the production. I love stories and seeing symbolism and meaning change with different cultures and interpretations. I see it in my lyrics, a lot of the imagery plays on being ambivalent because I’m often expressing a lot of things at once. That’s true of the title; it falls somewhere between a scream, an exaltation, a play on words, and then this motif of the bear (“arth” in Welsh) that spiritually represents strength, wisdom & healing.”

Stream: The Joy Formidable – The Wrong Side

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The Joy Formidable - Aaarth AlbumcoverThe Joy Formidable – AAARTH
Release: 28. September 2018
Label: Hassle Records