Simple Plan mit neuem Video zu „The Antidote“

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Foto: Pressefreigabe

Simple Plan haben zu ihrem aktuellen Song „The Antidote“ ein passendes Musikvideo veröffentlicht, das Ihr Euch weiter unten anschauen könnt. Der Track erschien bereits im November letzten Jahres.

We wrote and recorded the song before the pandemic hit and in lots of ways, it has become even more relevant after everything that happened over the last 20 months. A lot of people are going through some tough times right now and the song talks about the importance of having someone or something to turn to when life gets really hard. For a lot of our fans and for us, it’s been music. Its power to heal, comfort and be a lifeline has never been greater and more needed than now. We hope this song will hit home with our fans and help them deal with the difficult moments we’re all facing.Simple Plan

Video: Simple Plan – The Antidote