Culture Abuse mit zweiter Single aus kommendem Album

Culture Abuse werden am 15. Juni ihr neues Album „Bay Dream“ veröffentlichen. Mit „Calm E“ hat die Band aus San Francisco bereits einen ersten Song veröffentlicht. Mit „Bee Kind To The Bugs“ folgt nun ein weiterer Vorgeschmack. Das kommende Album ist der Nachfolger vom 2016er Album „Peach“.

Frontmann David Kelling erklärt:

“I was smoking a joint on our back porch in SF with my roommates talking about bumble bees and how much they do for our planet. The fact that they can even fly is a miracle and I was thinking about how they are all being killed off because humans are horrible. I wrote down the words ‘be kind to the bees, be kind to the bugs’. Musically, I’ve had the chord progression for the verse since I was in high school. I’ve written multiple songs with that same progression, never showed anyone, but I’ve always loved it. One day I looked at my note pad and saw the two lines, played the chords and the words just flowed out. I had also been reading ‘Sidartha’ by Herman Hesse; the chorus is basically trying to say that material possessions don’t love you back and looks don’t matter, so take all my belongings and let me find peace.”

Stream: Culture Abuse – Bee Kind To The Bugs


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